Traveling the World Virtually #HSStayHomeSeries

by Hull & Stern

We've been asked to stay home and not go out because of the coronavirus. Not being able to do something as basic as go out, meet up with friends, see new places and people--it feels like one of our basic freedoms have been taken away from us. But, we always have a choice. We can choose to travel with our heart, mind, or soul, instead. Nobody, no virus can take away from us our joy, exploration, or imagination. 

Below are some ideas to #TravelAtHome even while you #StayHome. Traveling made virtual. <3 

We'll be updating the list below as we add more ideas:


Arts, Culture, Museums

  1. Andy Warhol at Tate Museum in London:
  2. Musicals from The Shows Must Go On! Youtube Channel which is fundraising for The Actors Fund, the NHS in UK, and arts causes in the US, UK, and Australia:
  3. Lockdown Cinema showing independent films from Southeast Asia:
  4. 13-minute Raphael show from Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome:
  5. State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia: Virtual Tour Website Portal



  1. Samantha Brown's "Place to Love" Study Guides are great for kids: Samantha Brown website
  2. Nikon Photography Classes:
  3. Cocktail classes with Filipino barman Alex:
  4. Free classes on Skillshare:
  5. Connections by James Burke via


Animals around the World

  1. Animals at Home shows livestreams of animals at Zoos Victoria in Australia:
  2. Georgia Aquarium from Atlanta in the US:



  1. Virtual Cruise with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines:
  2. Viking Cruises take you around the world with different trip itineraries updated weekly:
  3. Virtual Expedition Programme with Lindbland Expeditions: Website Portal
  4. Virtual Cruise Experience with Crystal@Home: