Hull Stern Exclusive Auction

 HULL & STERN x moto Backpack

Hello there! If you're on this page, you've seen the backpack below during one of our summer bazaars and signed up to participate in the exclusive online bidding. As mentioned, this was a bag sample that we decided not to push through production with and have instead decided to auction off the sample.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the bag waterproof like your other dry bags?

No, it is only made of waterproof / water-resistant material but does not have thermo-sealed construction (meaning: it's sewn like a normal bag and has small holes where water can enter). Please do not submerge the bag underwater.

2. How long would the bidding process run for?

We'll hold it for one week until August 18.

3. I didn't win the bid. Is there another way I can get a similar bag?

Unfortunately not for this specific bag. But we'll be launching a waterproof backpack later this year.

Hull Stern x Moto

Hull & Stern Backpack Features

Hull Stern Backpack Straps

Hull Stern Backpack with Macbook

Hull Stern Backpack Zippered Side



  • Roll-top feature for main compartment
  • Zippered side with access to laptop compartment
  • Front cover with two adjustable buckle closure and mesh back
  • Two inner pockets with velcro closure
  • Made of water-resistant PVC Tarpaulin material
  • Cushioned back
  • Condition: Good as new; slightly used (for testing purposes only)