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Are the Hull & Stern bags really waterproof?

Yes and no.

Unlike your standard bag, our bags are thermo-sealed (which basically just means it's bonded together using heat). Normal bags are sewn together and thus creates all these small holes from where the needle passes through with a thread. This creates a risk when the bag is submerged and water quickly passes through those holes.

In a HULL & STERN dry bag, there are no holes (at least on the sides and at the bottom). The bag material is also waterproof. When your bag falls on the water, it will tend to float because of this. It's a good idea to leave some air in the bag to ensure that it would float better.


Is there still water risk?

Yes. The water risk is on top. That's the reason why we recommend folding the bags at least three times at the top before closing the buckles shut.

It's just like folding a plastic bag.

Please see our "How To Fold Your Hull & Stern Dry Bag" at the bottom of this page for reference.


Can I submerge the bag?

The bag should hold up to a quick / accidental submersion but it is not recommended to keep the bag under water for a prolonged period of time.


Can't you just make a bag that's completely waterproof and submersible?

Yes we can. But it would mean something that would need to be bulkier. Think something like a DSLR camera case.

Bulk is a big issue for our travelling customers so we tend to stay away from it. Our bags are enough to keep rain, and water from a quick accidental dip in the pool / beach out and away from valuables.

If you have a specific problem in mind though and would like us to work on something targeted to your needs, we'll try our best to help out. Please feel free to contact us.